Wednesday, 3 April 2013

I used to vote Tory...

....and now I don't. For decades I voted Conservative from local elections through to General and European Elections. In the last 5 years my faith in the Conservative Party has gone down. Somewhat bruised by the expenses scandal and the idiots amongst the Conservative MPs has really shaken my belief.

I feel David Cameron is the best leader for the Conservative Party. I see no others that could better him. What seems to be happening is the right of the party are kicking away supports so they can blame him for the eventual loss at the next General Election.

The problem is the Conservative Party. It is dying on its feet and needed to get through changes in parliamentary boundaries to get within a margin of able to win an election. To do so they would have had to change the House of Lords into an elected Upper House. Good, nothing wrong in that.

Locally their has been problems. My Conservative run local authorities in Cambridgeshire have now gotten into the habit of upping Council Tax. They can't use the bogey-man of other parties upping Council Tax when many have upped CT themselves.

What of other political parties? Labour simply mad idiots who ****ed this country. Not a chance. Liberal Democrats who are looking more reasonable but are far too left for me. UKIP are a bunch of idiots who are far too right wing for me.

Who to vote for? I don't know and I'm using this blog to explore which party I should vote for in the future

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