Thursday, 25 April 2013

Reason 6 not to vote Conservative: Local Conservatives can't follow Conservative policy

At the local election campaign launch, David Cameron was speaking in front of the Tories' local election campaign slogan "For Hardworking People".

David Cameron said: "We’re fighting for the pound in your pocket in fact – we’re fighting to keep it there. Because Conservatives get something. It’s your money. Every single pound has been hard-earned - early mornings, late nights, long commutes, time away from the children, hours put in on the factory floor, the shop floor, the hospital ward.

"And then you come home and there, on the door-mat, is the council tax bill. There is a clear moral imperative to keep that tax down.

"That’s why we said to councils of all colours: even when money is tight, we’ll give you this extra cash to freeze council tax."

David Cameron is the Prime Minister and Leader of the Conservative Party. His party gave pledges to freeze council, something which most Conservative run local authorities in Cambridgeshire have simply ignored.

The Conservative Party is campaigning for a Council Tax Freeze, but locally the Conservatives have been upping Council Tax.

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