Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Interesting Elections 4: Willingham

Shona Johnstone's old seat of Willingham as Ray Manning looks to take over the seat. Cllr Manning already has a job as Leader of South Cambs DC (Council Tax rise= 4.8%).

Willingham electoral division
UKIPMartin John Hale
ConservativeRay Manning
LabourBen Monks
Liberal DemocratBarry John Platt
GreenHelen Stocks

At the 2009 CC Elections the Conservatives did very well.
Willingham electoral division
ConservativeShona Johnstone1,48556.5+9.9
Liberal DemocratRob Falla88833.8−8.5
LabourCharlie Wilson1857.0N/A
Rejected ballots521.9
Conservative holdSwing
Shona had a bit of a problem with being found guilty of criminal damage. This gave her trouble with standing for Police Commissioner. This didn't happen. It will be interesting to see whether the Liberal Democrats can put up a candidate and fight to win this seat. UKIP could also take a load of vote from the Conservatives.

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