Sunday, 21 April 2013

The curious cases of Kilian Bourke and Martin Land

The recent resignation of Paris Brown as Youf PCC in Kent due to racist and homophobic tweets, I thought I would take a quick look a two Liberal Democrat candidates with histories of offensive comments.

Cllr Kilian Bourke (Romsey) was hauled up for making homophobic comments back in 2010. News and Crier article here. What was Kilian's reward for making these remarks? He is currently Leader of the Liberal Democrats on CCC.

As for Martin Land (LD Candidate for St Neots Eaton Socon and Eynesbury) his faux pas was to say about the Conservatives:

"that the Tories remain a coalition between the blatantly self-interested, closet racists, and homophobes.."

The Liberal Democrats rewarded Martin Land for these views with continuing to be their Parliamentary Candidate for Huntingdon at the 2010 General Election and he is even standing again at the County elections in May 2013.

Great to know you can smear other people and still be a Liberal Democrat.

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