Thursday, 11 April 2013

Reason 3 not to vote Conervative: Less women

The Cambridgeshire Conservatives are looking to make being a County Councillor more male dominated.

Of the 9 Conservative women elected in 2009 5 are re-standing. They are:

Gail Kenney – Sawston
Mandy Smith – Papworth
Laine Kadic - Huntingdon
Samantha Hoy – Wisbech North
Viv McGuire – Sawtry and Ellington

4 are not re-standing and are being replaced by men. They are:
Shona Johnstone – Willingham. Replaced by Ray Manning
Linda Oliver – Bassingbourn. Replaced by Adrian Dent
Catherine Hutton - Eaton Socon and Eynesbury. Replaced by Roger Harrison
Jill Tuck – Waldersley. Replaced by Will Sutton

There is one women replacing a man. Julie Wisson is taking over from Richard West in Buckden and The Offords.

Even if the Conservatives are re-elected in the same seats the Conservatives will have 3 less women.

The other women standing are divided into no hopers and might win.
The six no hopers are:
Anette Karimi - King's Hedges
Sheila Lawlor – Market
Linda Yeatman - Petersfield
Jane King – Brampton and Kimbolton
Madeleine Jackson – Ramsey
Alison Paula Elcox – Gamlingay
The two might wins are:
Anna Bailey – Ely South and West
Lynda Harford – Cottenham
At best the Conservatives maybe one councillor down if they make advances. If the Conservatives have problems they will lose women Councillors hand over fist.

Reason 3 not to vote Conservative less women as Conservative Councillors.

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