Sunday, 28 April 2013

Reason 8 not to vote Conservative: They aren't Conservatives

At the Conservatives campaign launch for the local elections David Cameron said:

Conservative councils understand it is your money that they spend. Every single pound in your pocket has been hard-earned and Conservative councils are fighting to keep it there.

That's why this year, on an average Band D Bill, Conservative councils continue to charge lower levels of council tax than Labour or Liberal Democrats.

Conservatives in Government have also given councils money to freeze council tax because during these tough times we want to be on the side of hardworking families. On average, this has delivered a 10 per cent real terms cut in council tax - real help with the cost of living. By contrast, under the last Labour Government council tax more than doubled.

David Cameron says Conservatives councils are fighting to keep the pound in our pockets. Obviously except in Cambridgeshire! Where the Conservatives have been upping Council Tax and taking pounds out of our pockets!

David Cameron says: ..during these tough times we want to be on the side of working families - having given money to Councils to freeze Council Tax.
Obviously except in Cambridgeshire! Where the money offered has been rejected by all local authorities.

David Cameron is leader of the Conservative Party. The local Conservative politicians in Cambridgeshire feel they know better and reject Government money towards a Council Tax Freeze. They are only too willing to take money from our pockets to prop up their municipal socialist soviets. Therefore the reason not to vote Conservative in Cambridgeshire is the Conservatives are really socialists!

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