Friday, 19 April 2013

Interesting Elections 5: Romsey

Kilian Bourke is currently Leader of the Liberal Democrats on the County Council. In 2009 his election was on 34.3% of the vote out of 6 candidates.
Romsey electoral division
Liberal DemocratKilian Bourke82934.3−10.7
LabourChristine Freeman49320.4−12.9
IndependentThomas Woodcock42517.6N/A
GreenPhilip Richards29712.3+1.5
ConservativeSamuel Barker27011.2+1.5
UKIPMarjorie Barr963.9+2.7
Rejected ballots90.4
Liberal Democrat holdSwing

In 2013 Kilian is again one out of 6 candidates.
Romsey electoral division[2]
UKIPMarjorie Ruth Barr
Liberal DemocratKilian Bourke
ConservativeAndrew James Bower
GreenHywel Francis Taylor Sedgwick-Jell
LabourMartin Smart
Cambridge SocialistsTom Woodcock
This time he doesn't have an Independent standing against him. But Kilian's vote could be eroded by UKIP, Green, Labour. Labour will be hoping to turnover Kilian who isn't without controversy.

If Labour does overturn Kilian, this decapitation could cause problems with the outcome of this election.

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