Sunday, 14 April 2013

Interesting Election 3: Little Paxton and St Neots North

This division is interesting because the Conservatives are fighting 2 former members and current County Councillors.

At the 2009 election the Conservatives did very well.
Little Paxton and St Neots North electoral division
ConservativeKenneth Churchill2,57329.8+5.7
ConservativeDavid Harty2,45128.4+2.4
Liberal DemocratRobert Eaton1,22814.2−3.0
Liberal DemocratGordon Thorpe1,05212.2−2.3
GreenSarah Boulton8349.7N/A
LabourGraham Hitchings2803.2−5.9
LabourJohn Watson2172.5−6.4
Rejected ballots450.9 
Conservative holdSwing
Conservative holdSwing
And the Conservatives still do very well at the district elections. But there have been some changes. Cllr Ken Churchill had a problem with his sports massage business. Ken was struck off the physiotherapist register for an inappropriate relationship with a 72 year old woman. Ken was thrown out of the County Council Conservative Group but continued to be a Conservative District Councillor because the District Council Conservative Group couldn't get the super majority needed to expel him from their group, though over half did vote to get rid of Ken.

With Ken suspended he could not stand as a Conservative candidate so he and Bob Farrer left the Conservative Groups to set up an Independent (Conservative) Group. With the Liberal Democrats unable to put up two candidates and Labour plus UKIP having to ship in candidates this means this will be a grudge match between the Conservatives (Harty in the County Cabinet + Barry Chapman is currently Town Mayor) and the Independent Conservatives with tainted Churchill and taint free Farrer.

St Neots should be very interesting!

Name of Candidate              Home Address
UK Independence Party (UKIP)
APPLETON  Marian May   Flat 3, Hinton Lodge, St. Neots Road, Eaton Ford, St. Neots.

Conservative Party Candidate
CHAPMAN Barry Stephen
6 Kipling Place, Eaton Ford, St Neots, PE19 7RG

CHURCHILL Ken    51 Gordon Road, Little Paxton, St Neots, PE19 6NJ
FARRER Bob          151A Crosshall Road, Eaton Ford, St Neots, Cambs, PE19 7GB

Conservative Party Candidate
HARTY David         10 Sambar Close, St Neots, PE19 8QG

Green Party
27 Queen's Gardens, Eaton Socon, St Neots, Cambs, PE19 8BY

Labour Party Candidate
LOMAX Jim        2 Windsor Road, Godmanchester, Huntingdon, PE29 2DD

Labour Party Candidate
REES Emlyn Ian     7 The Grove, St. Neots, PE19 1EX

UK Independence Party (UKIP)
SMART Sherrell Lee  Hermitage Marina, Earith Bridge, Earith, PE28 3PR

Liberal Democrat
THORPE Gordon Sydney  5 Milton Avenue, Eaton Ford, St Neots, PE19 7LH, Cambs

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