Saturday, 13 April 2013

Interesting Elections 2: St Neots Eaton Socon and Eynesbury

This election is turning into a bitter fight between former Liberal Democrats standing as Independents and the Conservatives. At the 2009 elections the 2 seats up for grabs were won by the Conservatives.
St Neots Eaton Socon and Eynesbury electoral division
ConservativeRodney Farrer1,69925.6+5.7
ConservativeCatherine Hodgson Hutton1,64224.7+7.9
Liberal DemocratJulia Hayward1,44321.7+0.9
Liberal DemocratMartin Land1,30519.7+1.9
LabourChristine Ellarby2754.1−9.1
LabourWilliam O'Connor2734.1−7.5
Rejected ballots772.1
Conservative holdSwing
Conservative gain from Liberal DemocratSwing
At this election the Conservatives gained one seat from the Liberal Democrats who were not far behind. In 2013 the parties have changed. Last year Derek Giles convincingly beat the Conservatives standing as an Independent. Derek and fellow former Liberal Democrat Steven Van De Kerkhove, still a District Councillor for Eynesbury, are fighting Conservatives Roger Harrison (District and Town Councillor and is also Leader of the Town Council) and Adrian Usher (Town Councillor).

From the list of candidates below I cannot see the Liberal Democrats, UKIP, Labour or the Greens doing anything to campaign in this Division. This is a straight Conservative v Independent fight. Harrison and Usher have got to get out and campaign to get elected.

Bob Farrer is also standing as an Independent in the neighbouring division of Little Paxton and St Neots North. Another interesting fight!

Name of Candidate     Home Address
GILES Derek Arthur  6 Stratford Place, Eaton Socon,  PE19 8HY

Conservative Party Candidate
HARRISON Roger    55 Bushmead Rd, Eaton Socon,  PE19 8GQ

UK Independence Party (UKIP)
HOWARD Dave        81, Howitts Gardens, Eynesbury, St. Neots, PE19 2NS

Labour Party Candidate
HURST Wendy Jean   11 Andrew Rd, Eynesbury, St Neots, PE19 2QE

UK Independence Party (UKIP)
LANCASTER Steve 128 Burstellars, St Ives, PE27 3YN

Liberal Democrat
LAND Martin Graham The Hideaway, 11B St Marys St, Eynesbury, St Neots, PE19 2TA

Labour Party Candidate
O`CONNOR William Francis 23 Chamberlain Way, St. Neots, Cambs., PE19 1RD
Green Party
THOMAS Gareth Robert 11 Eayre Court, St. Neots, Cambridgeshire, PE19 1QZ

Conservative Party Candidate
USHER Adrian Lee "Dentonby", 21 Luke Street, Eynesbury, St. Neots, Cambs, PE19 2TW

VAN DE KERKHOVE Steven Mark 6 Manor Park, St Neots, Cambs, PE19 1NY

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