Saturday, 20 April 2013

Interesting election 6: Godmanchester and Huntingdon East

Back in 2009 the Liberal Democrats slipped one in to win a seat here.
Godmanchester and Huntingdon East electoral division
Liberal DemocratGraham Wilson2,23223.9+5.4
ConservativeJeffery Dutton2,22323.8−0.2
ConservativeColin Hyams2,19723.4+1.6
Liberal DemocratMichael Shellens2,10522.5+6.8
LabourRuth Pugh3273.5−6.5
LabourPatrick Kadewere2722.9−7.1
Rejected ballots591.2{{{change}}}
Liberal Democrat gain from ConservativeSwing
Conservative holdSwing

In 2013 the field has been enlarged by the addition of 2 UKIP candidates and 2 candidates from the some weird socialist splitter group.
Godmanchester and Huntingdon East electoral division (2 seats)
ConservativeAndrew Paul Bish
ConservativeDaryl Brown
UKIPMartin Cohen
TUSCRobert Alan Cossey-Mowle
LabourDavid Mitchel King
UKIPDerek Arthur Norman
LabourRobert Kenneth Pugh
Liberal DemocratMichael Frederick Shellens
TUSCAntony Staples
Liberal DemocratGraham Martin Wilson
The Conservatives, have two newish candidates with Jeff Dutton and Colin Hyams not re-standing. The Liberal Democrats are campaigning here and could win.

This would show the Liberal Democrats winning here.

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